Welcome To Keith Hill - Voiceover

Keith HillKeith Hill is a 30 year broadcast veteran. On air at the Legendary WFIL Philadelphia and WYNY New York where Keith developed his smooth and easy to listen to sound.  Imaging voices are a very personal choice for your station.  You have to like the voice because you’re going to hear of lot of it.  Just like the singers that we have loved!  Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Garth Brooks, and Billy Joel....their voices were easy to listen to.  In fact they make you want to hear more.  The same is the true for great imaging voices.  After years of on air, management, and consulting, Keith has done some voice work along the way. just for fun.  Now Keith is making himself available to be the voice of your station.  Keith is the mainstream voice that can brand your station! Listen to the demos and then contact Keith for a custom demo read for your station.



Email Keith Hill at Hillvoice@aol.com and visit Keith Hill-The Unconsultant